A powerful app for your business.

  Providing instant salary access to employees.

  Salary available at the touch of a button.

  Salary available on any day of the month.

Majority of the employees struggle to meet emergency financial needs and end up in a debt trap by borrowing money on very high interest rates.
Close to half of the employees opt for very high interest rate loans for emergency needs.
Most employees experience reduced productivity as a result of financial stress.


No need to wait for your Salary Day
Get your salary any day or any time you want!

Nominal Cost.

The charge to use this service is very minimal.

Quick and Easy.

Instant approval and easy process for payment request.

Full Flexibility.

Request the amount you need any number of times in a month.

Credit Score.

The borrowing and repayment also improve your credit score.


  1. Check in your personal details.

  2. Submit your KYC documents just once.

  3. Fill the amount you want.

  4. Submit and done!

No worry for repayment – your employer will deduct repayment from your salary and pay it back.



  •   Reduce attrition and retain talent.
  •   Improve employee productivity.
  •   Track employees’ financial health.
  •   No cost involved.
  •   No working capital needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some useful information you might be looking for. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help!

Employees can easily withdraw a portion of their eligible salary, multiple times in a month, before the actual salary payout day. The balance salary is credited to employee on the scheduled payout day.

Dhannam integrates with the employer's attendance and payroll management system (optional) and uses this data to provide a portion of employee’s salary access to them for withdrawal anytime they want on the defined terms and conditions. The employer's working capital status is not affected. Dhannam takes on the withdrawal through its lending partner and deposits the money to the employees' salary account, without affecting the employer's payroll process.

Dhannam takes an average of 2 to 4 weeks to integrate with an employer. Each employer is assigned a dedicated account manager for support during this process. Although integration makes things easier and is optional, Dhannam also provides the facility to update the data manually.

Dhannam has an Android-based mobile app and a web browser. Employees can download the Dhannam app or access the sign in through the Dhannam website. Employees can track their available salary that can be withdrawn multiple times a month.

Dhannam ensures that all data is encrypted and stored behind powerful firewall, which is available only to the parties with specific permission from Dhannam.

Dhannam provides a fixed percentage of the monthly salary of an employee for withdrawal. The fixed percentage is decided after discussions with the employer, and this will always be visible on the Dhannam platform.

Dhannam’s lending partner Shivakari Finance Private Limited charges a nominal platform usage fee and flat interest on each withdrawal. The salary amount is disbursed after deducting platform fee and interest. The details of platform fee and interest is available on the Dhannam account of the employee.

There are various costs incurred by us and our lending partner to ensure that this facility is available to you around the clock. The nominal fee and interest enable Dhannam to provide an on-demand salary withdrawal facility.

As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, KYC process must be completed before transferring any amount to a customer’s account by any bank or NBFC. This is a one-time process, and it takes less than a minute to upload documents directly to Dhannam’s platform which is validated and approved by our lending partner.

The verification process takes a maximum of 2 - 4 hours.

Employee bank account details are a must for the transfer of the advanced salary amount to their account.

Every employee needs to ensure that the following are correct:

  • a) The address details entered in your account should match your Aadhar Card.

  • b) The bank details should match your personal details.

  • c) The PAN details entered in the account should match your PAN card.

Employees can log in to their Dhannam account through the platform and update their KYC details.

No. The credit would be made in the account where the salary is credited.